About Us

Prashanthi Charitable Services aims to work for the welfare of the underprivileged. By offering services in Medicare, Education, Socio-care activities, working for adopted villages, helping poor & needy by providing basic amenities, and disaster relief to underprivileged and disaster hit people, we try to be the lamp in complete darkness.

The organization is run by three social welfare enthusiasts, attempting to bring a change and awareness in society.

Mr. Amul Patel, a Business Analyst and Computer Architect residing in New Jersey (USA) belongs to a family engrossed in social work. His family is the highest blood donor in Gujarat, India. As a result, Patel has incorporated the family spirit of social work and strives to carry it forward. He is engaged in organizing Blood Donation Camps, is a member of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organization, Indian Red Cross Society and is the USA Representative of Sri Sathya Sai Heart Hospital, Rajkot, India. Gladly devotes his time in social services as well as religious, cultural and spiritual activities.
Mr. Rajni Lathia, an Architect & Interior Designer also a resident of New Jersey (USA) is very spiritual at heart. He devotes his time in social services as well as religious, cultural and spiritual activities. He humbly believes one should do charity however little one can, but the mission should be a selfless help.
Mr. Champak Patel, a business owner by profession and a resident of Florida (USA), is a pivotal part of the trust. He firmly believes in charity for the betterment of mankind.

The trio is immersed in serving people in need. Our trust aspires to harmonize the society and spread peace among chaos and unrest in the world. Together, we can and we will strive to lessen human suffering as far as possible by offering aid to people belonging from all walks of life and treat them as humans irrespective of caste, creed, color, race and religion.


  • 23 Nov, 2011 (Sai Baba's Birthday)

    Dr Varshaben performed record creating 11 Heart Surgeries in a day...

  • 20 Jan (Sports Day)

    Parthiv Patel, the famous cricketer of India graced the occasion...


  • 15 Aug (India's Independence Day)

    Sri Sathya Sai Heart Hospital - Celebration with Patriotic Song competition.

  • 10th July (School Foundation Day)

    Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Mandir - Class decoration competition is organized