Action Plan

Prashanthi Charitable Services aspires to be the helping hand in the lives of people who are deprived of even the basic necessities in life. We try our level best to uplift the lives of the needy, by making arrangements for all the necessary items for them in times of scarcity.

The only way to make a lasting impact is to adopt and support organizations that are part of the same community and are inclined to offer their hands in help. We urge our co-supporters and other social work enthusiasts to spread the word and make world a better home for all!

  • We organize Blood donation camps for medical support to hospitals in times of grave situations like natural calamities or disasters.
  • Make effort to lessen the gap between the rich and the poor, by offering opportunities to the unfortunate in times of social unrest. Hence, our support for non-profit organizations is undying.

We believe there is no greater joy than 'the joy of giving'.


  • 23 Nov, 2011 (Sai Baba's Birthday)

    Dr Varshaben performed record creating 11 Heart Surgeries in a day...

  • 20 Jan (Sports Day)

    Parthiv Patel, the famous cricketer of India graced the occasion...


  • 15 Aug (India's Independence Day)

    Sri Sathya Sai Heart Hospital - Celebration with Patriotic Song competition.

  • 10th July (School Foundation Day)

    Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Mandir - Class decoration competition is organized